an association of leading christian retailers

It is our privilege to serve and provide marketing resources and promotional tools to many of the top retail organizations in the CBA marketplace. From consumer flyers and catalogs to in-store POP and complete online and digital services, to our annual 200-plus page Church Supplies Catalog, we are retailers, serving retailers... with some of the most innovative, creative and cost-effective marketing tools available anywhere!

new affiliate program

Generally recognized throughout the CBA industry as the group that best caters to the needs of larger, more established stores, Covenant Group has serviced independents with sales ranging from $1 million to $15 million in annual sales! In our ongoing efforts to be responsive to the climate of our industry and retail in general, Covenant Group has reshaped their program offerings to service stores with sales volume well below the $1 million mark, to now include options for almost any size Christian retail operation desiring to use their industry-leading marketing programs to connect with their customer base. Now offering services at Affiliate, Affiliate-Plus and full Member levels, Covenant Group's complete suite of marketing and web-based services are now within reach and use of virtually every store in our industry.

what's new with covenant group

Covenant Group is once again gearing up for the start of a new year. We've added some "tweeks" to our popular promotional program offerings for the new year, and we're already hard at work on our 1st quarter promotions and flyers.

In addition to our regular program of "consumer" promotions, the first quarter will also feature one of our three annual "seasonal flyers" for those stores serving their "church market" customers. Each of these (published in January, April and October each year) not only feature key seasonal products for the church market, but also leverage our more than 25 years of church supplies marketing expertise to the benefit of our stores that utilize these. To obtain more information on our church marketing tools and resources, contact us and indicate that interest in the comments section of the online request form.

Furthermore, our "digital catalog" component continues to expand as all consumer catalogs and flyers (including church market promotions) are now available in a completely interactive digital format. Far more than just a flyer to "view" online, each digital flyer is fully interfaced with members' websites to add full "click to order" functionality as well. Each electronic edition allows our member retailers to take their consumer pieces directly into the inbox of their customers, and act as the complementary digital component to the industry-respected printed catalogs and flyers that we produce!

Lastly, our Covenant Group CORE INVENTORY MANAGEMENT program continues to expand, offering better terms and margin from virtually all leading publishers. In exchange, this unique member benefit allows our member stores to not only analyze and manage their inventory even faster and more efficiently, but also provides a way for them to compare with others in the group to benchmark their progress. Additionally, the program has allowed us to develop our own "CG Core" lists, and our participating vendors allow our stores to use these for their additional discounts and incentives... resulting in a "truer" core list that mirrors what is being sold (and promoted) in our member stores! This program has helped many of our members benchmark their way to improved product selection as well as increased margins on key backlist titles (not to mention providing additional margin on both direct and distributor purchases that help offset promotional costs to our stores!).