From the "seeds" of an idea...

Covenant Group literally began as a seed of a thought between two retailers... and has blossomed into a fully developed marketing assistance organization, still totally committed to the retailers we serve!

In the summer of 1985, Steve Dick and Chuck Wallington were discussing the annual Christmas flyers that each produced for their respective stores. Steve worked for the Fresno Bible House (Fresno, CA), and Chuck's family owned Christian Supply, Inc. (Spartanburg, SC).

Having enjoyed the relationship of somewhat sister stores for many years, they decided to combine their efforts and produce one flyer for the two stores, changing out the store name on the front to personalize for each. The resulting efficiencies of effort and cost, not to mention the benefit of pooled creativity, we immediately evident. The following year, another major independent, Better Book Room (Wichita, KS) was added to the group and Covenant Group was underway.

To a vital retail support organization

From these humble beginnings, other retailers from regional chains to single-store independents, began to inquire about the creative retail marketing tools and services offered. The group has experienced, slow and consistent growth in the years since, to the point of now servicing many of the leading retail operations in the Christian retailing industry.

Long recognized throughout the Christian retail industry as the group that caters to the needs of larger independents, Covenant Group has recently re-tooled its offerings to now provide programs for Christian retailers of almost any size.

Growing in scope and impact

As our industry and promotional needs have changed, so has Covenant Group and the services offered. Our creative team today helps some of the most successful CBA dealerships plan and execute seasonal promotions, special events and customer prospecting, retention and re-activation tools.

If your dealership is looking for a progressive, responsive, creative marketing group to supplement your local efforts, we encourage you to contact us about the Covenant Group.