smaller in volume? check out our affiliate program...

In response to the growing number of inquiries we have received from retailers wanting to know if Covenant Group has a program for stores under our traditional $1 million annual sales requirement, we are pleased to offer our Affiliate Store program.

Designed specifically for excellent retailers whose annual sales volume is between $500,000 and $1 million, this level of our program offers all the benefits of all the existing catalogs, tabloids, premiums, and promotions, to stores that may not yet have reached the previous required sales level. For information on this program, we invite you to contact us.

what is the difference between covenant group and other marketing groups?

We believe that there is a place in our industry for all three of the major marketing groups (Covenant, Munce & Parable). We also believe that each group is best suited to a niche' or strata of the industry. We feel that Covenant Group is most effective for those retail organizations that have achieved a high level of sales and/or a position of market dominance in their region. Our promotional strategies and cost structure are particularly structured around these type of situations.

Additionally, unlike some marketing groups, Covenant Group is committed to being virtually "invisible" to the consumer customers of each dealership. Consequently, the Covenant Group name does not appear prominently on any catalogs, POP, or other materials. We are committed to building the "brand awareness" of our dealerships, not our group! (We do however, want ALL the vendors in our industry to be aware of our name and "brand", to insure the best product selection and vendor support.)

how many promotions does covenant group produce each year?

While some organizations produce a fifteen or more promotional catalogs and flyers per year, Covenant Group produces just over a dozen, several of which are "optional" to our member stores (some are "required" for membership).

Our two seasonal catalogs are our MAY and NOVEMBER catalogs.

In addition to the two main "catalog" promotions each year, Covenant Group also produces a number of other seasonal or monthly flyers. For a complete description, visit our Marketing Tools page.

what do you mean by dealerships?

A dealership is the "retail organization". It can represent one store location, or multiple store locations as some of our members are regional chains (though many are single-store independents as well!).

what requirements are there for a dealership to join covenant group?

Our "requirements" are not set in stone, but we find that our program works best for dealerships that have achieved at least $500,000 in annual sales revenue. Several years ago, we retooled our model to accommodate stores with annual sales in this range; though many of our current members boast annual sales into the millions. The bottom line, if you are an aggressive, well-established retailer (we recommend 3 years or more in business), and enjoy a good credit reputation with the vendor community... we should talk!how do i go about joining covenant group?

Contact our president, Chuck Wallington, and he will discuss the procedure with you in detail. Following this discussion, a copy of our "Letter of Agreement" will be forwarded to you for your signature. (This is an informal, agreement that basically outlines the expectations that you will have of Covenant Group, and vice versa. It is not intended to be a "contract", but merely a statement of expectations for both parties.)

Normally, it takes a couple of months advance notice to "activate" a dealership into the procedure of receiving catalogs for promotions, simply due to the lead-times of our promotions, etc.

who "is" covenant group?

For more information on the principles that form and drive our group, we invite you to visit the About Us section.

where is covenant group based?

Our offices are located in Spartanburg, SC, adjacent to the retail sales facility of Christian Supply, Inc.

Our President (and Founder) Chuck Wallington is, first and foremost, a Christian retailer. The "retail right" philosophy that helped to build his family-owned business to the current status as the largest volume single-store independent Christian retail store in the industry thoroughly permeates every promotional effort that Covenant Group makes.

Click here to visit the Christian Supply website for more information about the retail store operation.

how do i log in as a member?

The members section is available to all authorized personnel at each dealership. It contains vital members-only information that is updated regularly.

A user name and password is required in order to access this area of the site. If you have not been given this information, please contact the main marketing contact in your organization. They have the proper authority to have us create your login promptly.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can have it emailed to you by visiting our Forgotten Password page.

how do i log in as a vendor?

If you are a vendor partner with Covenant Group, this section will provide you with information about our stores, promotional plans and more!

If you are a regular contact for Covenant Group promotions, you should have received your user name and password as part of our set-up of your contact information with our office.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can have it emailed to you by visiting our Forgotten Password page.

If you have not established a login, please email Dianne Yon and she will assist you with set-up.