Catalogs, flyers, POP, DIGITAL SERVICES, exclusive product offerings... and so much more!

Covenant Group offers leading Christian retailers a wide variety of marketing support tools. With the creative retail braintrust we've assembled, our dealerships not only get great catalogs and flyers, beautifully designed seasonal POP support, and complete website and digital marketing services... they also get some of the most innovative exclusive product offerings in Christian retail today... all designed to drive traffic and sales!

a promotional program that covers the entire year!

Covenant Group produces a host of promotional pieces, sale campaigns and other store support services each year; allowing our dealerships to promote regularly and aggressively to their customer base, but always at their own pace.

A dozen seasonal flyers & catalogs literally cover the calendar with innovative, traffic-driving promotional pieces to educate your customers on what is "new, hot and on sale" almost every month of the year (we do not produce a July flyer at this time). Several of these are optional promotions, allowing you to tailor your promotional calendar to your specific needs and budget.

Additionally, creative traffic-driving promotions such as exclusive product offerings and sale promotions as well as pre-sale promotions developed especially for our members, along with other optional promotional tools offer our stores the ability to expand their own marketing efforts to literally compete with "big retailers" and chains on equal footing.

WINTER Season Promotional Tools

Winter Seasonal Promotion Tools

Each Winter kicks off with our January sale flyer, highlighting both early 1st quarter releases as well as key best-selling products from the 4th quarter just ended. Special sale campaigns are also featured, generally in a manner that preserves the important margins that you need to be successful in your store operations and growth.

Our February flyer focuses on the Valentine's gift-giving season and beyond, again highlighting what is "new, hot and on sale" for the month of February.

With the coming of March and depending on the timing of Easter each calendar year, we generally feature our Easter flyer, complete with a special "Easter Week Sale" highlighting many best-selling book, Bible and music / DVD products (for children and adults) at discounts up to 50% off list prices. Designed to leverage (and increase!) the Easter season store traffic, Covenant Group negotiates with our vendor partners to maintain full margin off the sale pricing on almost all featured items as well...making this sale weekend a winner for both your customers AND your store!

SPRING Season Promotional Offerings...

SPRING Season Promotional Offerings

As the year begins to heat up (sales-wise and temperature-wise), our April Flyer features a host of new product offerings, as this is normally a heavy release month for the Spring. Once again, the concept of "What's new, hot & on sale this month" is carried through the piece. Covenant Group offers TWO pricing options on each flyer; one more aggressive option (for those stores in more highly competitive markets) and one less aggressive for those not wishing to sale price quite as deeply.

Our May catalog features offerings geared specifically around Mother's Day, graduation, and other spring season gift occasions such as weddings, confirmation or baptism, etc. Generally, this is our second most productive selling season after the Christmas season.

SUMMER tools to generate sales!

SUMMER tools to generate sales

We don't stop for Summer either. Our optional June flyer normally offers great sale options on books, music, DVD's and children's products. Once again, having the "heart of a retailer" driving our promotions, we normally are able to negotiate inviting sale offers for your customers, while maintaining your normal margins...even on the sale pricing! This flyer also features our emphasis on Father's Day gift giving ideas as well.

As Summer winds down and families gear up for the Fall, Covenant Group is there with another optional sale flyer, our Dollar Days sale flyer releasing in mid-August each year. As the name would indicate, this flyer is filled with special sale offers such as $5 books and CD's, $7 DVD's and $10 Bibles. It's a 10-12 day sale offering designed to bring customers back and kick off your Fall selling season once again!

Jump start your FALL with our September & October Flyers...

Jump start your FALL with our September & October Flyers

Fall gets into high gear with our September flyer that introduces all the late-summer and September releases. Again, our theme of "What's New, Hot & On Sale" is carried through this promotion, enticing customers to reconnect as they begin their busy Fall schedules.

Our October flyer normally features a major Bible sale, as well as key 4th quarter new releases. Almost every flyer we produce includes at least one strong "sale element", keeping your store on customers' radar as "the" place to trust for value, as well as great service and products.

Ring in the holidays with our strong CHRISTMAS promotions...

Ring in the holidays with our strong CHRISTMAS promotions

We kick off November with our largest and most extensive promotional piece of the year! With a heavier focus on "gift" product, this 48-plus page bound catalog also boasts a great offering of appropriate key releases in books, music, DVD, kids...and of course, Bibles, for the Christmas gift-giving season.

Covenant Group annually produces one of the most productive After-Thanksgiving Weekend Sale flyers in the industry. Loaded with incredible values, this optional piece helps you set up for a strong kick-off to the final weeks of the Christmas selling season, including "doorbuster" specials as well as special offers exclusive to our group!

We wind up the promotional calendar with our December flyer; culminating the Christmas season with lots of last-minute gift suggestions and even low-cost "stocking stuffer" ideas. It's all designed to keep your store front of mind with shoppers right up until Christmas Eve!

And don't forget... EXCLUSIVE products that drive traffic year-round!

EXCLUSIVE products that drive traffic year-round!

Part of our "heart of a retailer" approach is represented by our strong history of successful exclusive products that we offer.

As any of our members will attest, the difference between Covenant Group exclusives and those of other groups or chains, is that ours WORK (and sell!). From seasonal value-priced t-shirt offerings, to exclusive book product, to unique gift items; and best of all, full margin (or more) on each one.

plus... industry-leading online and digital promotions

Our continually expanding network of retailer websites offers your store the benefit of a clean, on-trend site design, fully branded with your store identity. We handle all the back-end order fulfillment and just send you a monthly recap (along with your profit from each sale!). Each site also has the benefit of having all special offers and sale pricing from each month's promotions fully coordinated to the site, offering your customers a seamless, coordinated experience whether they visit you in-store or online! You don't lift a finger, we handle all updates each month, completely refreshing your site every 30 days with fresh, new product offerings, special offers and exclusive deals.

In addition, we also coordinate two weekly e-blasts (every Monday and Thursday) that also reinforce those products and special offers from your monthly sales flyers, reminding your customers of all the great products and offers you have throughout that month, and keeping your name and identity in front of their eyes on their inbox as well as through their mailbox! It's all part of our low-cost, fully-coordinated marketing program that we provide to all of our member stores of all dealership levels.

To top it all off... Seasonal POP that really pops!

Seasonal POP that really pops

Lastly, you won't find more effective or creative Point of Purchase (POP) materials anywhere in the industry. Not only do our bi-monthly POP kits give your store a fresh, trendy look, they are carefully coordinated to each catalog/flyer promotion as well (notice a trend here!?!?). We even provide a complimentary POP/Merch Guide with each kit that literally guides your staff step-by-step through endcap positioning and creation with each seasonal promotion. It's as easy to print it out, and hand it to your staff with the kit, and they follow the directions to create endcaps that match your flyer and online promotions each month.